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Sex Selection FAQs

Sex selection is a very difficult procedure to obtain in the United States and world wide. Our Center has the world's largest experience with PGD sex selection, and we are reporting a 100% gender outcome success rate with all patients seen at our facility. Our unmatched, extensive experience with gender selection and our review of world literature allows us to offer the following information and answers to questions:

How can I assure that I am choosing the BEST center to carry out my procedure?
Has sex selection produced a reasonable number of successes?
Are fertility drugs used in sex selection procedures?
How many babies have been born as a result of sex selection?
Is there an increased risk of a birth defect after the sex selection procedure?
How is the sex selection procedure carried out?
Can frozen sperm be used for sex selection?
Can sex selection be performed with "regular" In Vitro Fertilization?
How do I begin/enroll?

For more information please vist The Fertility Institutes website.